The Dash mini waffle maker is a kitchen essential you can use to make waffles easily. However, due to its small size, it can be difficult to clean. You can’t just stuff it into the dishwasher as there’s a risk of damaging the machine. 

Here are some quick tips on how to clean Dash mini waffle maker.

Step-By-Step Instructions To Clean Dash Mini Waffle Maker

What you’ll need:

  • Toilet paper
  • Toothbrush and dish soap (optional)

Here is the method of cleaning dash mini waffle maker. Let’s get started.

1. Preheat Your Waffle Maker

 A Woman is Making the Waffle

Skip to step 2 if you completed creating waffles and the appliance is still hot. Plug in and turn on your waffle maker. Before you begin cleaning, let your waffle maker fully heat up. Warming it loosens the oil and batter, making it much simpler to clean.

2. Turn it Off

Man Has Prepared Perfect Waffles

Unplug the waffle maker only once it has completely heated up. You want it to be hot, but it’s not heating up.

3. Wet And Fold Your Paper Towels

Folding the Paper Towel

Fold two sheets of paper towels across the middle without splitting them. You can use warm water to dampen the paper towels. Make careful you only lightly moisten them, not flood them.

To form a square, fold them in half.

4. Place A Wet Paper Towel In The Waffle Maker

Preparing a Paper Towel to Get Wet

Open your Dash Mini and carefully place the moist paper towel square on the bottom waffle plate. Be cautious not to let your fingertips contact the hot plates.

Close your waffle machine and start streaming! You’ll see the wet paper towel sizzling on the plates, which means it’s functioning. Allow your Dash Mini to sizzle for 5 minutes. The steam will release all the grease, and we’ll be able to clean it away quickly.

5. Remove the Damp Paper Towel

damp paper

After heating your waffle maker, open it up and carefully peel the paper towel with tongs or your hands. Check that the plates are not scorching hot before beginning to clean by wiping around the edges and with the same paper towel. The grease and muck should be easily removed.

6. Make Use of a Toothbrush


A toothbrush is your magic wand if there is still detritus in the nooks and crannies. Wet the bristles again and wipe around for a more thorough clean.

7. Using a Clean Damp Paper Towel, Wipe Off Your Dash Mini

While the interior of your waffle maker is still moist, soak a clean paper towel in warm water and wring off the excess. Go over your waffle maker once more to give it a last clean.

8. Cleaning the Dash Mini’s Exterior

Waffles Spreads Around the Waffle Maker

Apply a little amount of dish soap to a moist paper towel. Please go over the outer sections of your waffle maker without getting it too mushy. Again, if there is debris on the exterior, use a toothbrush to remove it gently.

9. Remove Excess Soap

Cleaning the Utensils

After cleaning the outside of your waffle maker with soapy water, wipe away any soap residue with a moist clean paper towel.

10. Thoroughly Dry Everything

Glass and Cup is Drying After The Wash

Finally, dry up the inside and exterior of your waffle maker with a dry paper towel, and you’re done! Your Dash Mini Waffle Maker is ready for Saturday morning waffles next weekend.

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How Do You Clean A Dash Mini Waffle Maker For The First Time?

How Do You Clean A Dash Mini Waffle Maker For The First Time

The Dash Mini Waffle Maker is a great way to make waffles for breakfast or dessert. The waffles are tiny, but they are delicious and easy to make. The first time you use your Dash Mini Waffle Maker, it’s important to clean it before using it. You should always wash your Dash Mini Waffle Maker before using it for the first time and after every use to make sure that it stays in good shape and works properly.

Here is how you can clean a Dash Mini Waffle Maker:

  1. Remove any leftover crumbs or food particles on the baking plates by hand. Use a damp cloth or sponge if necessary.
  2. Remove any remaining crumbs from the top of the unit with a damp cloth or sponge.
  3. Wash all removable parts of the unit in warm soapy water, then dry them thoroughly before reassembling them into their proper places on the unit.

How Do I Clean My Dash Grid Mini?

Dash Grid Mini is made of high-quality silicone and the grid surface is smooth and easy to clean.

Here are some tips to help you clean your Dash Grid Mini:

  1. Use a damp cloth or sponge and warm water to wipe off dirt, dust, and fingerprints from your Dash Grid Mini. You can also use a mild soap solution to clean the grid surface.
  2. To remove tough stains, use a soft, non-abrasive cloth dampened with water or rubbing alcohol.
  3. Remove excess moisture by dabbing on a soft towel or tissue before placing it back in its original packaging for storage.

Does The Dash Mini Waffle Maker Have Removable Plates?

Does The Dash Mini Waffle Maker Have Removable Plates

The Dash Mini Waffle Maker does have removable plates. This makes it very easy to clean, which is a definite plus.

The non-stick coating on the plates makes them easy to wipe down after use. This can sometimes be a problem with waffle makers with non-stick coating on their plates because this coating can wear off over time and cause food particles to get stuck in the crevices of your waffle maker.

The plates are also dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about having greasy hands or needing to scrub your waffle maker before putting it in the dishwasher.

How To Clean Dash No Drip Waffle Maker?

The Dash No Drip waffle maker is the best and it makes the best Belgian waffles. It comes with a non-stick coating that makes it easy to clean and maintain. You just need a little dish soap, some warm water, and a soft sponge or cloth.

1: Unplug the waffle maker.

2: Remove the drip tray and unplug the appliance.

3: Wipe off any excess batter or crumbs using a damp cloth or sponge.

4: Run warm water over the grids and wipe them clean with a soft sponge or cloth. Make sure to dry them thoroughly before using them again.

5: If your waffle maker is non-stick, you can use mild soap to clean it, but make sure to rinse it thoroughly afterward and dry it well before using it again.


Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker with Non-Stick Copper Ceramic Plates, Browning Control, Indicator Lights, Stainless Steel (26081)

Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker with Non-Stick Copper Ceramic Plates