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Non-Stick Copper Ceramic Plates Waffle Maker | Hamilton Beach

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Removable Non-Stick Plates Belgian Waffle Maker | Hamilton Beach

Cuisinart Belgian Maker with Pancake Plates Waffle Iron

Belgian Waffle Maker with Pancake Plates | Cuisinart

Nothing beats the smell of freshly made waffles first thing in the morning. To finish off this morning staple, drizzle a little maple syrup on top and add a few of your favorite garnishes.

If you have a Non-Toxic Waffle Maker, you can make homemade waffles whenever you want while maintaining an organic and healthy lifestyle.

Making your own waffles is also a cost-effective way to save money. Using Non-Toxic waffle machines will help you keep your health as safe as possible.

Nowadays people are concerned about their own and their loved ones’ health and well-being more than ever, and they have the right to be. 

To preserve our health, we should use Non-Toxic kitchen appliances wherever possible. Shoppers should check for PTFE and PFOA-free Waffle Makers while buying a Non-Toxic Waffle Maker to see whether the product has been officially certified to be free of toxins.

In this context, PTFE is an acronym for Teflon, which is a synthetic rubber. Teflon and other Non-Stick surfaces contain PFOA, which is a chemical utilized in the production of these surfaces. 

So, to be completely sure, look for a tag of “PFOA-free” on all of your kitchen appliances before you make a purchase as it can create contradiction with your healthy lifestyle. 

In this blog, AboutWaffles will take a look at some top non-Teflon Waffle Makers currently available on the market in this article. 


Mainstream Factors to Consider while Buying the Best Non-Toxic Waffle Makers

  1. Control of the temperature, timer and indication, flipping function, and other uses.
  2. Ease of use or usability, how long the non-toxic material will last? How much power do the products consume?
  3. The number of waffles you want to make at a time.
  4. The power source and voltage of the waffle maker.
  5. The size and shape of the waffles that you want to make.
  6. The price of the waffle maker and its durability/quality.

Things & Considerations to Keep in Mind While Making a Purchase Decision | Best Non-Toxic Waffle Maker Buying Guide

The decision to buy a product or service is often made based on the customer’s specific needs and preferences. 

However, there are several other factors that play a significant role in the purchase process. If you want to make the right choice, it is important to consider them beforehand.

Here are some things that you need to keep in mind while making a purchase decision:

  • Know your needs: Before making any purchase decision, it is important to understand your unique needs and requirements. For example, if you are buying a car, then your primary requirement would be its safety features, whereas if you are looking for a computer then it would be its speed and storage capacity.
  • Compare options: Once you have identified your requirements, it is time to compare various options available in the market. This will help you select the best product for yourself as well as save money by avoiding unnecessary purchases. For example, if you want to buy a laptop then compare the features offered by various manufacturers before zeroing in on one particular model or brand.
  • Research: Once you have decided on what kind of product or service you need, it is essential to research about different models available in the market so that you can compare them objectively and get more information about their pros.

1. The Use of Luminous Indicators

A Waffle Maker’s indicator lights are the lights that indicate when the waffles are ready to be made and when they are done to be removed from the Waffle Maker. 

In order to give the cook a heads-up, these two lights are essential. You’ll be able to make flawless waffles with its assistance. 

Fortunately, the Waffle Makers listed in this article have lights that indicate both the beginning and the end of the cooking process.

2. Its Cleaning Ease

The plates will be easier to clean if they have a Non-Stick ceramic coating. 

To clean something, all you need is a kitchen towel or a damp towel. Because you’ll be using the makers on a regular basis, it’s critical that cleanup doesn’t take too long. We’ve vetted each and every manufacturer to ensure that the products are easy to clean after every cooking session.

3. Plates that can be Taken Off the Wall | Removable Plates

A professional Waffle Maker may contain removable plates, particularly if it is capable of providing a two-in-one service like a waffle sandwich, pancakes, or a waffle and a pancake in turns. 

This feature makes it easier for consumers to care for their Waffle Maker and use it for a longer period of time.

Despite this, some consumers do not prefer to remove the plates in order to save time.

4. Flipping Around in a Circle

If you want to ensure that the batter is distributed evenly throughout your Waffle Maker plates, use the Rotating Flip option. 

5. Heating and Ventilation

The waffles can be made even more detectable through the use of temperature control or the selection of various tint settings. There is a wide range of settings and shading options available from different providers. 

Except for T fal. (Kitchen Appliance Brand), all of the Non-Toxic Waffle Makers we reviewed include temperature controls that can be set accurately.

In most cases, we mostly have between five and seven temperature options to choose from.

6. Timer

In order to cook the waffles perfectly every time, you can use the countdown option. 

In addition to the temperature control, the number of temperature settings can give you a sense of the waffles’ texture. Except for Presto (Kitchen Appliance Brand), all the makers we have for you operate solely based on temperature.

7. Vertically Oriented Storage

Storage of the Waffle Maker in an upright posture is made possible by a vertical storage system. Euro cuisine, Presto, T Fal, and Krups waffle machines all offer this kind of advantage.

8. Design

Shapes such as round, square, heart-shaped, or even twin Waffle Makers appeal to a variety of clientele. Sandwich makers that also double as Waffle Makers, pancake makers that also double as Waffle Makers, and other such hybrids are also on the wish list of many waffle lovers.

5 Top-Of-The-Line Non-Toxic Waffle Makers

Hamilton Beach 26081

Non-Stick Copper Ceramic Plates Waffle Maker | Hamilton Beach

Best Non-stick Waffle Maker

Hamilton Beach 26031

Removable Non-Stick Plates Belgian Waffle Maker | Hamilton Beach

Best Ceramic Grid Waffle Maker

Cuisinart Belgian Maker with Pancake Plates Waffle Iron

Belgian Waffle Maker with Pancake Plates | Cuisinart

Best Waffle and Pancake Maker


Titanium-Infused Dura Ceramic Flip Waffle Maker | Oster

Best Titanium-Infused Flip Waffle Maker

Oster DuraCeramic Waffle Maker

Ceramic Belgian Waffle Maker | Oster

Best Ceramic Waffle Maker

1. Non-Stick Copper Ceramic Plates Waffle Maker | Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach 26081

Hamilton Beach Non-Stick Copper Ceramic Plates Waffle Maker | Best Non-stick Waffle Maker

You can cook tasty waffles in no time with this Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker model. Using Non-Stick plates with an adjustable browning control, you can achieve restaurant-quality results at home with minimal cleanup.


  • Easy to clean Non-Stick waffle plates
  • Adjustable browning control
  • Power and ready lights
  • Compact & upright storage


  • Product design could be better

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You’ll be able to produce tasty waffles in no time with this Hamilton Beach Waffle Maker. Using Non-Stick plates with an adjustable browning control, you can achieve restaurant-quality results at home with minimal cleanup. 

When the waffle iron’s ready light turns On, simply pour in the batter and cook for a few minutes to cook a batch of fluffy Belgian waffles.

Waffle plates are easy to clean thanks to the Non-Stick copper ceramic plates. 

This Waffle Maker’s storage is compact and upright, requiring little counter or cabinet space.

The browning control allows you to customize the waffle to suit your own taste preferences.

Moreover, the plates are removable, which is convenient when it comes to cleaning and releasing the waffles. Moreover, it is not too heavy on the pocket and is moderately priced.

Important Point to Consider!

Plug-in goods are intended for usage in the United States. You may need an adapter or converter to utilize this product in your destination’s electrical outlets and voltage. So, do check to see and make sure if your device is compatible before you buy.

Should You Grease a Non-Stick Waffle Iron?

No, you should not grease non-stick waffle iron. A non-stick waffle iron is designed to cook waffles without the need for additional ingredients like oil or butter. 

Adding these ingredients can cause the waffle to stick to the surface of the iron and leave a mess that’s difficult to clean up.

If you’re worried about sticking, you can use a toothpick to spread out any pooled batter before shutting the lid.


Adjustable Temperature:

Waffles can be cooked at a temperature that is convenient for you. You have complete control over the temperature.

Non-Stick Coating:

The Waffle Maker offers a Teflon-free Non-Stick coating. 


When not in use, the Waffle Maker can be stored upright in cabinets or on counters.

2. Removable Non-Stick Plates Belgian Waffle Maker | Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach 26031

Hamilton Beach Removable Non-Stick Plates Belgian Waffle Maker | Best Ceramic Grid Waffle Maker

This Hamilton Beach Waffle Maker model offers Durathon Ceramic non-stick grids that last four times longer than standard non-stick grids and have large pockets to hold a lot of syrup, butter, and various other toppings.


  • Bakes a single massive waffle as normal.
  • Thick, nutrient-dense waffles are only a flip away.
  • There is a drip tray and dishwasher-safe grids included.
  • The housing is made of stainless steel and has a brushed appearance.
  • Browning can be fine-tuned.
  • Power and readiness to cook indicator lights are illuminated.


  • Not as many extra features
  • Reports of uneven cooking
  • Temperature settings could be made better

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The Durathon Ceramic Non-Stick grids of this Waffle Maker last four times longer than standard Non-Stick grids and offers large pockets to hold a lot of syrup and topping. 

You can make your waffles darker or lighter by adjusting the browning control, and the stainless steel shell is built to last. 

A waffle takes 5 to 8 minutes to cook, depending on your browning setting and recipe.

Flips easily for fluffy waffles with plenty of filling. You can make restaurant-quality waffles at home with the Durathon Removable-Grid Belgian Waffle Maker because it allows you to flip them while they are cooking. 

The flipping function ensures that there is even cooking and the waffles do not remain raw from any angle whatsoever.

What is a Ceramic Non-Stick Coating Made Of?

Ceramic nonstick coating is a coating that allows you to cook your food without using oil or butter. This prevents your food from sticking to the pan and makes it easier for you to clean up after cooking.

A ceramic nonstick coating is made of fluoropolymer and silica. The fluoropolymer is a plastic-based material resistant to high temperatures and has low friction. 

It also provides lubrication to the surfaces of the pans, making it easier to remove food from the pan. Silica is a mineral that occurs naturally in sand or quartz, providing heat stability.

Ceramic nonstick cookware is a popular choice for many people because it does not contain any PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), which has been known to release toxic fumes when overheated. 

It also has lower emissions than other types of cookware, such as Teflon or aluminum. Another benefit of this type of coating is that it can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.



PTFE and PFOA-free Durathon Ceramic Non-Stick grids are four times more durable than regular Non-Stick grids, and will not crack or peel.


You can easily put the Non-Stick Removable Plates of this Waffle Maker in the dishwasher after it has finished cooking.


Whether you like to eat light or dark waffles, the choice is entirely up to you as the Waffle Maker offers adjustable browning controls. You’ll receive golden brown waffles with a fluffy interior every time no matter which colour waffles you decide.

Stainless Steel Housing:

This Belgian waffle iron’s stainless steel housing has a traditional, restaurant-style design that will last a lifetime.

3. Belgian Waffle Maker with Pancake Plates | Cuisinart

Cuisinart Belgian Maker with Pancake Plates Waffle Iron

Cuisinart Belgian Waffle Maker with Pancake Plates | Best Waffle and Pancake Maker

The Cuisinart Belgian Waffle Maker model with Pancake Plates is a highly convenient kitchen appliance. The Waffle Maker’s brushed stainless steel cover is a beautiful addition to any kitchen, and it includes an adjustable temperature control with six browning settings and indicator lights.


  • Non-stick
  • Stainless steel
  • Adjustable Temperature with six different settings
  • Indication lights
  • Includes a recipe book and tongs


  • Using an abrasive cleaner on the exterior may damage the surface.
  • The design could be made a bit better

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You can make your own delicious pancakes and crisp and thick waffles with this Cuisinart Belgian Waffle Maker with Pancake Plates. 

The Waffle Maker’s brushed stainless steel cover is a beautiful addition to any kitchen, and it includes an adjustable temperature control with six browning settings, indication lights, and an audio beep to ensure that it operates properly according to modern cooking standards. 

To make cleanup easier, the plates are detachable and can be placed in a dishwasher.

Moreover, the plates are nonstick, making cleanup easy and waffles pop out effortlessly. The plates are BPA-free and fit for human consumption.

Does Cuisinart use Teflon?

No, Cuisinart does not use Teflon on its cookware. They use hard-anodized aluminum, which is impervious to scratching and rusting, and non-reactive acidic foods (like tomatoes). 

Cuisinart uses hard-anodized aluminum, which is a self-healing material that doesn’t need to be coated with anything to make it non-stick. The company has been making its own cookware since 1973, and it’s one of the first companies to create anodized aluminum cookware.

So, you never have to worry about your pans leaching dangerous chemicals into your food!


Sleek Design: 

4 slice Belgian waffle plates and a 4-slot pancake pan are included. Also, it offers a 36-inch-long cord.


Non-Stick-coated removable plates are Dishwasher-safe.

Adjustable Temperature: 

Thermostats with six temperature settings are available.

Good Indicators: 

Audible and visual indications of when the food is ready to eat or bake work perfectly.

Stainless Steel Texture: 

Tongs and a recipe book are included with the stainless steel top cover, which may be stored upright.

Easy to Clean: 

Wipe off the exterior with a gentle, dry cloth for easy clean-up.


Abrasive cleaners and harsh pads should never be used to clean a waffle maker.

4. Titanium-Infused Dura Ceramic Flip Waffle Maker | Oster


Oster Titanium-Infused Dura Ceramic Flip Waffle Maker | Best Titanium-Infused Flip Waffle Maker

This Dura Ceramic Non-Stick coating on Oster’s Flip Waffle Maker is four times more durable than standard Non-Stick coatings and will not flake or peel. The natural ceramic coating is absolutely safe to use for cooking food


  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Grilling option
  • Big Waffles for family


  •  Hard to clean 

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The Dura Ceramic Non-Stick coating on Oster’s Flip Waffle Maker is four times more durable than standard Non-Stick coatings and will not flake or peel. The natural ceramic coating is absolutely safe to use for cooking food because it is free of PFOA and PTFE. 

Dura Ceramic coating cooks up to 20% faster than normal finishes, allowing you to cook more waffles in fewer time intervals. 

This flip Waffle Maker is a must-have as it correctly and evenly spreads batter and cooks waffles to perfection. 

Also, with the accuracy of temperature control, you can make waffles of any texture, from light and fluffy to crispy and golden waffles. 

The Oster Dura Ceramic makes it easy to create delicious Belgian waffles. All you have to do is pour the batter onto the ceramic surface and close the flip-top. The adjustable temperature control comes with three settings: light, fluffy, or crispy.

Some more benefits include:

  • Healthy waffle maker which is free of Teflon chemicals
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Fast cooking saves time and energy
  • Durable stainless steel and ceramic construction, which is 4 times stronger
  • Ability to bake extra thick Belgian waffles with a simple flip operation
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Evenly spreads the batter and baking of the waffles

Lastly, by storing vertically, the device maximizes storage capacity.

What is PFOA-free Non-Stick Coating?

PFOA-free nonstick coating is a type of nonstick coating that is free of perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA.

PFOA is a chemical used to create Teflon, a standard nonstick coating used on consumer goods. It’s not harmful in small doses but when released into the air.

Is Oster Waffle Maker BPA-free?

Yes, Oster waffle makers are BPA-free! Oster does not use BPA in the manufacturing of any of its products. You can buy an Oster waffle maker without worrying about what harmful chemicals you’re bringing into your kitchen.

As a result, many manufacturers have started to make their products BPA-free. Oster waffle makers are one of those products; they use materials that are free of the chemical in their waffle irons.

Why is a Flip Waffle Maker better? 

A Flip Waffle Maker is better because it helps you create the perfect waffles every time. You can use the same recipe and technique you’ve always used and get perfect results consistently. 

With other waffle makers, you have to constantly adjust your cooking method to get your waffles just right—and even then, there’s no guarantee that they’ll turn out well.

With a traditional waffle maker, it is difficult for your waffles to come out evenly cooked, with a perfectly golden crust and a soft, fluffy interior. Often, your waffle gets burnt on the outside or too gummy on the inside. And if you have kids, they can’t help but take a nibble while cooking.


Flipping Action: 

Waffles that are perfectly formed and uniformly cooked can be made with a simple “flip” procedure.

Infused DuraCeramic: 

The infused DuraCeramic with titanium prevents flaking and facilitates waffle removal easily once they are cooked.


It offers a coating that is free – of PFOA and PTFE. 


It is more durable and cooks faster than conventional non-stick surfaces.


Vertical storage is an option for space-saving designs.

5. Ceramic Belgian Waffle Maker | Oster

Oster DuraCeramic Waffle Maker

Oster Ceramic Belgian Waffle Maker | Best Ceramic Waffle Maker

This Oster Belgian Waffle Maker model offers waffles that are 8 inches in diameter and look like waffles made in Belgium.


  • 4-times more durable Non-Stick surface thanks to Dura Ceramic
  • Using a Dura Ceramic finish might speed up the cooking process by up to 20%
  • Waffles are cooked to perfection with this flip Waffle Maker, which distributes batter evenly.


  • The heating element could be made better

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Oster Waffle Maker is made with Titanium-Infused DuraCeramic Crust.  

You can make delicious, fresh Belgian-style waffles at home with the Oster Belgian Waffle Maker with ease.

The scratch-resistant surface of Titanium Infused DuraCeramic makes food preparation easier, and the non-toxic surface helps you cook a healthier meal. Also, this Waffle Maker is more durable in comparison to the rest of its competition.

This model comes with a variety of smart features that make your cooking experience more convenient and effective.

Some benefits include:

  • Titanium-Infused DuraCeramic is PTFE and PFOA free
  • Flips for easy storage
  • Adjustable temperature controls
  • Attractive appearance

For small kitchens, this waffle maker can be stored vertically to save space when not in use. Also, its adjustable temperature control allows you to produce light and fluffy or golden and crispy waffles.

Is DuraCeramic toxic?

No, DuraCeramic isn’t toxic in any way that concerns the user. DuraCeramic is a 100% safe material in your kitchen and bathroom.

It’s free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are chemicals that can be harmful when inhaled or absorbed through the skin.

It has excellent indoor air quality, meaning it won’t release harmful gasses into your home while it’s being installed or used. And it’s easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about potentially dangerous substances lingering on the surface.

Which is Safer Teflon or Ceramic?

Ceramic is safer than Teflon. Teflon is made of a chemical known as PTFE, which has been shown to be toxic. When heated higher than 500 degrees, it produces harmful gasses that kill birds and cause flu-like symptoms in humans.

Teflon has also been linked to cancer, birth defects, and liver disease. The Environmental Protection Agency requires manufacturers to label their products containing this chemical.

By comparison, ceramic is much safer. Ceramic cookware does not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins, so it’s safe for your family and the environment.

It’s also nonstick without being coated in any chemicals—it just works that way naturally! You can find ceramic cookware at most major retailers.


Non-Stick Coating: 

It is an 8-times longer-lasting Belgian Waffle Maker with a titanium-impregnated DuraCeramic Non-Stick coating. Ceramic coatings that arise naturally and are free of PTFE and PFOA will not flake or peel.

Saves Energy: 

This gadget cooks up to 20% quicker, thus saving time and energy.


The adjustable temperature on this waffle toaster makes it easy to make fluffy or crispy waffles based on your liking.


Elegant design with polished chrome housing.

What Material is Best for a Non-Toxic Waffle Maker?

The best Non-Toxic Waffle Maker can be manufactured from a number of materials, but some outperform others in terms of long-term durability and longevity.

1. Cast iron

Even if cast iron isn’t Non-Stick straight out of the box, it might improve over time! Cast iron cookware and appliances should not be cleaned with soap or detergent. All you need to clean is water and a rag. You can preserve it once it has dried. 

2. Stainless steel is a metal that resists corrosion

Teflon can be successfully replaced with stainless steel. Stainless steel is not only chemically inert, but it is also extremely durable.

3. Ceramic

Some ceramic materials have supplementary coatings that allow manufacturers to conceal dangerous elements, the vast majority are safe. If you buy it, make sure you read the label well!

Are Teflon Waffle Makers Safe Now?

This is a question that millions of consumers ask themselves every day. It’s something that has plagued the minds of waffle makers everywhere since the release of the first Teflon waffle maker.

People have been asking this question for a long time since Teflon was first released. But thanks to new research, we now have the answer. The answer is YES!

You can now buy your Teflon waffle maker because science has proven that it is safe. And you can enjoy all the benefits of Teflon without any worries whatsoever.

When is Teflon Coating used in a Waffle Maker?

Teflon coating is used in waffle makers to make the cleaning process easier. When Teflon is used, there’s no need to use cooking oil, making it easier to clean. A waffle maker with a Teflon coating will simply need to be wiped out with a damp cloth.

Teflon coating is a special type of process that is used in waffle makers to make sure that the waffles come out easily and without any sticking. 

This coating prevents the waffle from sticking to the surface of the waffle maker and allows you to cook the perfect waffle every time.

The Teflon coating is usually applied during the manufacturing process by dipping or spraying the inside of the waffle maker with a special Teflon-like chemical. 

The coating protects against corrosion, as well as allowing easy cleaning. There are some other benefits to having a Teflon-coated waffle maker as well:

  • You don’t need any oil or butter on your spatula or fingers when cooking your waffles – this means less mess and fewer calories!
  • Waffles should be easy to remove from the mold after cooking, which makes them easier to serve at parties and get together.

What to Know When Buying a Non-Toxic Waffle Maker?

Are Ceramic Waffle Makers Safe to Use?

Ceramic waffle makers are both safe and easy to use. They make delicious, fluffy waffles with a crisp exterior, and they require no seasoning or oiling like classic cast-iron waffle irons.

Ceramic is an excellent material for cookware because it’s designed to resist the corrosion caused by exposure to high heat, which means you can make waffles at high temperatures without creating toxic fumes.

Ceramic Vs. Teflon Waffle Makers

Ceramic waffle makers are a hot item right now, but they aren’t necessarily the best option. While they have many benefits, they also have some drawbacks that you should consider before purchasing.

Teflon waffle makers are an older technology, but they are still a great option. They are affordable and easy to use. Teflon waffle makers also release less toxic fumes than ceramic ones do, making them safer for your family and the environment.

While ceramic cookware is nonstick and easy to clean, it does not last as long as Teflon ones do—it chips more easily when dropped on hard surfaces like tile floors or granite countertops. 

Ceramic waffle makers also cost more money than their non-ceramic counterparts because the material used in making them requires additional processing steps, which drive up prices at every production level.

Ceramic waffle makers may be trendy right now, but they’re not better than Teflon ones in every way—if you’re looking for something that will last longer and doesn’t need special care (like handwashing), then go with a Teflon waffle maker instead!

If you like the idea of using a non-stick surface, Teflon is great because it’s non-stick and easy to clean. It’s also very durable, so it will last you a long time.

Ceramic is also durable and easy to clean, but it has some advantages over Teflon: ceramic cooks food more evenly than Teflon does. 

That means that when you’re making waffles with your ceramic waffle maker, they’ll be cooked all the way through without any burning or undercooking spots on them. Ceramic also helps prevent those pesky metallic tastes from creeping into your food (which can happen with Teflon).

So which one should you choose? If you want something that will last for many years, go with ceramic. If you don’t mind replacing your waffle maker every few years, then go with Teflon! Either way, you’ll be happy with your choice.

Is Waffle Maker Good for Health?

Waffle makers can make a lot of different types of foods, but is it good for health? The answer depends on what you’re making. If you’re making regular waffles, the answer is possibly yes!

There’s nothing inherently wrong with a regular waffle. It’s usually made from a wheat-based batter and then cooked in an iron that gets hot enough to cook the batter evenly and create that waffled look. 

Some people add butter and syrup to their waffles, but that’s about it. You could also put fruit or yogurt on top of your waffles, which would also be acceptable.

So if you use a waffle maker to make regular waffles, they will probably be good for your health!

Are all Waffle Makers Coated with Teflon?

No, not all waffle makers are coated with Teflon.

While it is true that many waffle makers have a nonstick coating on them, it’s also true that there are some waffle makers that don’t have a nonstick coating on them.

In fact, there are some waffle makers—like the Presto Waffle Maker—that don’t have any kind of coating at all.

Is Scratched Teflon Safe?

Absolutely not. Scratched Teflon, in many cases, is a health hazard and should be removed from your home immediately.

Teflon is used in many different applications other than the cookware. It is used in water repellent clothing and carpet treatments, for example. It can be found in a wide variety of consumer products.

If your nonstick cookware has become scratched, it is safe to use as long as you do not heat the pan above 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 degrees Celsius). 

If you have scratched Teflon pots and pans, throw them out because they are no longer safe to use.

Is Teflon Cancerous?

Teflon is a chemical used in pans to keep food from sticking. The chemical is called polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE. It’s also used in other things like clothing and carpets.

The American Cancer Society says there is not enough evidence of a link between Teflon and cancer. But there could be a link because the fluoro compounds that make-up Teflon is toxic.

While Teflon doesn’t cause cancer (at least not directly), there are some concerns about it when it comes to your health. For example, one issue with Teflon is that it contains PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), which has been linked to certain cancers in lab rats.

PFAs Health Effects

The EPA has listed the potential health effects of PFAs, but research is still ongoing.

Recent peer-reviewed scientific studies suggest that exposure to certain levels of PFAS may result in the following:

  • Reproductive problems include reduced fertility or increased blood pressure in pregnant women.
  • Developmental effects in children range from low birth weight, accelerated puberty, and bone variations to behavioral changes.
  • Increased risks of developing certain forms of cancer, including prostate cancer, kidney cancer, and testicular cancer.
  • Reductions in immune function have been linked to increased susceptibility to infection and reduced response to vaccines.
  • Hormonal imbalance and obesity.

Let’s look at the most commonly used and researched PFAs to understand how they relate and their main concerns.

  • Teflon is a name for polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a synthetic chemical that makes nonstick cookware.
  • When heated to over 280℃ (536℉), PFTE releases toxic chemicals into the air. Exposure to these fumes may lead to Teflon flu. According to the FDA, some fumes that come from PFTE cookware can be toxic to birds. This is the main health concern when using this type of cookware. The FDA states there’s no harm if you ingest PFTE flakes because they pass through your digestive system.
  • Teflon used to be manufactured using perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).
  • PFOAs were phased out in the United States in 2014 because of their harmful health effects. Exposure occurs when pans are heated to high temperatures, and the coating degrades and gets scratched. The chemical PFOA is a “forever chemical” that remains in the environment, so it’s still found in the air, earth, and drinking water. Companies claiming their products are free of PFOA are simply misleading consumers.
  • The replacement for PFOAs is GenX.
  • The EPA is studying GenX and reporting lab studies of animals showing harmful effects on the liver, kidney, and immune system and associated with cancer. So, there is concern that replacing PFOAs may not be a healthier alternative.

PFA Contamination

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) says PFAs are a national crisis. The organization has been voicing its concerns for years, and now the government is taking action. In July 2021, the US House of Representatives passed the PFAs Action Act of 2021.

The bill demands that the following be done:

  • The Environmental Protection Agency should establish a national drinking water standard for the two most notorious PFAS chemicals – PFOA and PFOS – that protect public health.
  • Designate PFOA and PFOS as hazardous substances and compel the EPA to determine whether other PFAS are hazardous within five years.
  • Designate PFOA and PFOS as hazardous air pollutants within 180 days, and require the EPA to determine whether to list other PFAS within five years.
  • Ban the hazardous incineration of PFAS waste and put a moratorium on introducing new PFAS into commerce.
  • Comprehensive PFAS health testing should be required.


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