A waffle maker is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances. It can be used to make delicious waffles, pancakes, and even omelettes in no time. 

However, with frequent use, your waffle maker will start to show signs of wear and tear. Luckily, cleaning your waffle maker is not a difficult task at all especially if you own an easy-to-clean waffle maker.

In fact, you can clean it using nothing but water and soap or detergent.

What Would You Need To Clean A Waffle Maker?

What Would You Need To Clean A Waffle Maker?
  1. Make sure that the machine is unplugged before you begin cleaning it. If it’s plugged in, then there is a chance of an electrical shock if it comes into contact with water or any other liquid substance like oil or grease.
  2. Remove excess food particles from the plates using a soft bristle brush or kitchen paper towel. Make sure that there are no crumbs left on the plates, as they might get burnt when you start cooking again after cleaning your waffle maker!
  3. Use a small amount of warm soapy water (or dishwasher liquid) along with a sponge.

Step-By-Step Guide To Clean Your Waffle Maker

Cleaning a waffle maker is as simple as following the steps below:

Step 1: Allow The Appliances To Cool By Unplugging The Waffle Maker

  1. The first step to cleaning your appliance is allowing the waffle maker to cool down completely. 
  2. Leave the waffle maker unplugged for at least 30 minutes before attempting to clean it. (Note: You may use a dry cloth or paper towel to remove excess oil from the surface of the appliance.)
  3. After fully cooling, you can then begin washing the non-heated parts of the waffle maker. A damp cloth should do the trick for removing grease and grime from these surfaces, but be sure not to wet any exposed electrical connections in your device.
  4. After using a damp cloth, give those parts another wipe with a dry cloth; this will prevent watermarks on your appliance after drying.
  5. If you would like a deeper cleaning than what you can accomplish with just a damp cloth, add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to your damp rag before scrubbing away stuck-on food particles.

Step 2: Wipe The Outside Of The Waffle Maker With a Dry Cloth

  1. To clean the outside of the waffle maker, use a dry cloth to wipe off any food residue. Do not use abrasive cleaners as they can damage the non-stick coating.
  2. For more stubborn stains, dampen a cloth in warm soapy water and wipe clean. You should never submerge your waffle maker or put it in the dishwasher because you may damage the electrical components inside.

Step 3: Remove Any Excess Food From Inside Your Waffle Maker With A Spatula Or Spoon

Even if your waffle maker doesn’t have crevices, it’s still a good idea to get rid of excess food before cleaning it, so that nothing sticks when you’re trying to clean it.

Use a “spatula or spoon” to scrape out any excess food from inside your waffle maker.

Be careful not to use a metal utensil that could scratch the surface of your machine (which is why we recommend plastic). You don’t want to accidentally damage your device, so don’t scrub too hard.


Some recipes call for spraying waffle makers with cooking spray before pouring in the batter.

If you do this, be sure to let the waffle maker cool completely before scraping off any leftover oil and grease after making your waffles.

Step 4: Dampen A Rag And Wipe Down The Inside Surfaces Of The Waffle Maker With Warm Soapy Water.

Make sure to reach all spots, including corners and creases, as well as any heating plates that may be inside.

Step 5: Rinse Off The Rag And Use IT To Wipe Away Soap Residue 

  1. Use a clean, dry towel to wipe away any last bits of moisture inside your waffle maker once you’ve finished rinsing it out.
  2. After you’ve rinsed your rag, use it to wipe away any soap residue from the inside surfaces of your waffle maker.

Point To Remember!

Removing the soap residue is important because leaving that residue or water in your waffle maker can lead to rust and corrosion, which will shorten its lifespan significantly and require you to buy a replacement sooner than necessary.

3 Top-Of-The-Line Easy to Clean Waffle Makers

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Cleaning A Waffle Maker Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated!

clean your waffle maker

Believe it or not, cleaning a waffle maker isn’t difficult at all! And the benefits of doing so make the effort worthwhile. 

Let’s break down the cleaning process of a waffle maker into three easy steps:

  • Allow the appliance to cool completely. Once you’ve finished using your waffle maker, unplug it and let it sit until no heat is coming from the heating element.
  • Dry-wipe the outer surface with a paper towel. If there is any grease or residue left behind, use warm water and dish soap to remove them (the same way you would wash the outside of a frying pan).
  • Use a spatula or spoon to scrape out extra food if needed, then clean with warm water and dish soap (or in your dishwasher).

If you follow these simple steps, your waffle maker will be as good as new in no time!

How To Keep Your Waffle Maker Clean?

If you have a waffle iron, it is important that you take care of it so that it lasts a long time. It is not an expensive appliance, and hence you don’t want to buy it again and again, so you should take care of it properly so it does not get damaged or worn out easily.

Additionally, you should clean the waffle iron after every use so that there are no food particles left inside it. This will help keep your kitchen clean and also prevent rusting of the iron.

Things To Avoid While Cleaning A Waffle Maker?

1. Avoid Using Metal Scrubbers or Sponges

These can scratch the nonstick surface of your waffle iron and make it less effective at cooking waffles evenly for the rest of its life. Use soft sponges instead, or use a damp cloth if needed to wipe down any buildups on your machine’s surface.

2. Avoid Using Paper Towels or Tissues

These can tear easily and leave bits behind that could get stuck in crevices between plates or grids on your machine when you try to close it up and cook again later on. Instead, use clothes or paper towels.



Waffle makers that come with a non-stick coating that makes it easy for you to wipe off any leftover batter or crumbs from the surface of your waffle maker with a dry cloth.

However, over time these non-stick coatings become dull and start flaking off into your food. This is why it is important that you clean your waffle maker at least once every week.

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