Waffles are one of the most popular breakfast items in the world. They can be made in many ways, with different ingredients and toppings.

Many people like to eat them fresh out of the waffle maker, but some prefer to make them ahead of time and store them for later use.

Whether you’re planning on having a big family breakfast or hosting an event where waffles will be served, it’s important to know how to store waffle batter properly so that it retains its taste and quality.

Storing waffles can be done by refrigerating or freezing them. However, certain things should be taken into consideration when storing these delicious treats.

How Long Does Waffle Batter Last?

Waffle batter typically lasts for 1-2 days when stored in the refrigerator.

However, it’s best to use it within the first 24 hours for optimal freshness and texture.

Beyond that, the batter may begin to lose its leavening power and result in less fluffy waffles. Always check for signs of spoilage before use.

Can You Save Waffles Batter?

Yes, you can save waffle batter for up to 24 hours in the refrigerator. Keep in mind, store it in a tight container to prevent it from absorbing odors.

When ready to use, simply give it a quick stir before pouring it into the waffle iron for delicious waffles.

How Long Does Waffle Batter Last In The Fridge?

If you don’t want to give up the waffles’ taste and softness but still have a significant amount left in the bowl, then the only option you are left with is to store it in the fridge.

Because the waffle batter is mostly made up of flour, butter, and eggs, it can be stored in the refrigerator, but only to a certain extent.

Expert Chefs Recommend keeping the waffle batter in the refrigerator for 2 days at 4 °C or lower. 

Make sure to keep the batter chilled in the refrigerator the entire time.

Furthermore, the batter should be stored in an airtight container or resealable bag to maintain its freshness and flavor.

How To Store Waffle Batter In Refrigerator?

How To Store Waffle Batter In Refrigerator?

You can store waffle batter in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Follow these simple steps to execute the perfect storage of waffle batter:

  1. Place the batter in a lidded container and cover it tightly. This will ensure that no bacteria gets into it and spoils the taste of your batter.
  2. Use only clean utensils to scoop out the batter when you’re ready to use it in your waffle iron.
  3. Cover the batter with plastic wrap or aluminum foil before storing it in the refrigerator so that it doesn’t dry out easily.
  4. When using refrigerated waffle batter, take out only as much as you need at a time and let it rest on the counter for 15 minutes before using it in your waffle maker or panini grill.

Do’s And Don’t’s To Store Waffle Batter

Do’s And Don't’s To Store Waffle Batter

If you love waffles, then surely you have a good supply of waffle batter in your refrigerator. But, how do you store the waffle batter so that it tastes as good as it did when you first made it?

Here are some do’s and don’t’s on how to store waffle batter:

1. Keep the Batter Cool

Vegetables and Fruits in the Fridge Shelves

Waffle batter should be kept in a cool place. If the temperature is too hot, this may cause the ingredients to cook and lose their flavor. 

Thus, keeping your waffle batter in the refrigerator is a good idea because it will not get exposed to heat easily.

2. Use an Air-Tight Container

Use an Air-Tight Container

To keep your waffle batter fresh for long, use an airtight container that can prevent moisture from entering the mixture and spoiling its taste and quality.

Use a plastic container or jar instead of glass ones because they do not allow air or moisture to pass through them easily.

Make sure that there are no holes or imperfections on the lid of the container so that no foreign material enters inside while sealing it tightly after use.

3. Reheating Waffles Is Not Recommended

Reheating Waffles Is Not Recommended

It is not advisable to reheat pre-packaged waffles as this may cause a loss of flavor.

4. Alternatively, Try Using Glass Jars

glass jars

Waffle batter can be stored in glass jars that can be frozen safely. They hold a lower amount of waffle batter, but that’s great if you only make a few waffles.

Glass jars are ideal since they have a secure cover. 

There’s no need to be concerned about air and moisture getting in.

With a marker, the glass jars can be labeled to reflect the recipe and the freezing date, which will help you remember when you stored it, so you can use it before the expiry.

A Glass Jar is also useful since once you use your waffle batter is gone, you can reuse it for something else.

The disadvantage of glass jars is that they can take up a lot of freezer space, especially if you’re storing a lot of them. Glass jars are reusable and environmentally friendly.

5. Resealable Plastic Bags

reusable plastic bags

Resealable plastic bags are another great option that you can use to store waffle batter in the refrigerator. 

Unlike glass jars, it allows you to store more waffle batter by taking less space compared to glass jars. To save space, you can stack them on top of each other.

Also, these bags can be labeled for simple identification. You’ll know when to use it if you put a date on it. However, unless you use reusable bags, you cannot reuse these resealable bags.

6. Use Plastic Containers

plastic containers

Waffle batter can be stored in refrigerator-friendly plastic containers as well. 

Similar to the jars, they will take more space than the plastic bags, but depending on the size, they may store a good amount of waffle batter and are simple to identify with the date and name.

These containers are also reusable; before buying a new container, make sure it has an airtight seal to protect the batter from bacteria. 

Not only that, the excess moisture could come into contact with the waffle batter and destroy the freshness and taste of the waffles. 

Airtight is also important because it is normal for one food to absorb the flavors and scents from other food in the freezer.

So making sure that your waffle batter is well sealed is crucial. Investing in high-quality freezer containers to keep your waffle batter and other items safe is always a valuable investment.

7. Whisk The Batter Or Thaw It!

whisk stored batter

You need to have some understanding before pouring your stored leftover batter into the waffle maker. 

First, you must perform a proper process that depends on whether you store it in a freezer or a fridge. In a refrigerated batter, you will notice that all the ingredients are separated, requiring you to whisk them back together.

It will make your waffle to be consistent. If not, some waffles will be missing eggs, or some will have more flour than others, which will make them look and taste weird. 

After you whisk it properly, it is fine to put it in the waffle maker even if it is still cold. 

Thawing is required if your waffle batter is frozen. If using the frozen batter, you cannot expect it to provide the consistency you require to make great waffles.

Ways to Freeze Waffle Batter

Here are two ways that you can follow to thaw your frozen batter:

1. The first method is to put it in the refrigerator overnight. The temperature in the fridge is just warm enough to defrost the ice but cold enough to prevent bacteria from growing.

In this method, you are supposed to prepare in advance. But what if you get a sudden urge for waffles in the middle of the day?

2. Then there is another that you can use here, submerge the waffle batter container in hot or cold water. One pound of batter takes roughly 15 minutes to defrost.


If you’re thawing more than 1 pound of batter, cold water is recommended instead of hot water. This is because the ice will melt away in approximately 30 minutes, and bacteria may grow in hot water since the temperature is too warm.

Can You Re-Freeze Waffle Batter After Each Usage?

You can store your waffle batter in the freezer for a long time. As discussed earlier, you can store the batter in the fridge for 2 days,  but what if you require storing it for more than that? 

You’ll be able to keep it for up to a month in your refrigerator! 

This is possible because the ice keeps bacteria out of the eggs, preventing them from deteriorating.

The best part is that the batter will still be safe to use after a month has passed. However, keep in mind that extending the period beyond one month will lose freshness and quality.

The next question that has also been asked what if you defrost the frozen batter and use some of it. Can you place the leftovers back in the freezer? 

It is very difficult to answer this question. And storing it back is even more tricky. In this pursuit, you must ensure that no germs enter the batter while defrosting. Then yes, you can refreeze it if there is no way for bacteria to get inside.

Is it possible to freeze pancake batter?

Yes, it’s the same as waffle batter, and using the mixture after freezing is safe.

Can You Freeze And Reheat Waffles? Guide

Yes, you can freeze your waffles and then reheat them to enjoy with your family and friends. 

To reheat frozen waffles, use a toaster oven, a standard oven, or even a simple toaster.

Waffles can also be stored in the refrigerator.

But remember that you will have to consume it within the 3 days of being refrigerated. On the other hand, it can last for up to 4 months in the freezer. Do not forget to store it in an airtight container.

Can You Change The Recipe Designed For Making Batter In Advance?

If you discover that the waffle batter you stored in the refrigerator is not producing the best results, it’s time to change your strategy.

Some recipes are specifically created to be preserved, so if your favorite waffle recipe isn’t up to the task, it’s worth investigating/exploring.

Yeast is commonly used in these recipes, which takes advantage of the storage time to allow the yeast to activate. However, if you want to extend the preparation time and let the batter rest overnight, a component that generally makes recipes complicated and frustrating might be really useful.

Several yeast-based recipes are available online, and many of them are easier to make than others that require you to whisk the egg whites separately. 

They claim to produce beautifully fluffy and crispy waffles consistently, so they’re worth a try. 

When looking through the recipes, look for the words “overnight refrigeration” or something similar.

Simplifying the procedure and allowing them to be stored in the fridge without losing their texture sounds like a win-win situation.

If you’re trying a new recipe, double-check any suggestions for how long these waffles can be stored.

You may find that the time it takes for the yeast to activate fits into your schedule perfectly, allowing you to have crunchy, fresh waffles whenever you want without worrying about whisking and thawing.

Is It Possible To Re-Freeze Waffle Batter Thawed But Not Used Entirely?

Is It Possible To Re-Freeze Waffle Batter Thawed But Not Used Entirely?

The honest answer is that you should not refreeze waffle batter, but there is a workaround.

If you defrost the batter in the fridge overnight, it can go back to the freezer. If the 24-hour limit has not been passed, the temperature has not climbed beyond 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and it has not sat at room temperature, it should be alright.

It’s fine to freeze the waffle batter again if there are still ice crystals in it.

After the waffle batter has thawed, you may need to whisk it again because some components may have separated, so do so before returning it to the freezer. 

If you’re worried about freezing the waffle batter again, you may always make extra waffles and freeze them.



In this article, we learned how to preserve the waffle batter you made in advance. Nobody likes to go through a long exercise of making the batter mixture when they are already getting late from work. So here, you will find the best methods to store your waffle batter in the fridge and freezer.