You may have run out of waffle mix or need the ingredients for waffle batter, but luckily, you have some leftover pancake mix. Is the batter for pancakes and waffles the same? Can waffles be made from pancake mix?

Pancake and waffle batters are different. Pancake mixes typically contain less fat and sugar than waffle mixes. Generally, pancakes are floppy and cake-like in the middle because of their composition, whereas waffles are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

If you still want waffles made from waffle mix, you can take some time out of your busy schedule and visit the supermarket. If time is a constraint, only with a few changes to the traditional waffles recipe you can make pancake mix to make delicious waffles. 

Here we’ll teach you how to make the best crispy waffles using pancake mix and some common kitchen ingredients.

What Is the Difference Between Pancake and Waffle Mix?

What Is the Difference Between Pancake and Waffle Mix?

A good waffle has a crispy exterior and a fluffy inside. They resemble fried pastries rather than cakes. But what is it about the batter that distinguishes waffles from pancakes?

Waffle mixes, for example, contain more fat and sugar than a traditional pancake mix. Extra sugar in the waffle batter promotes caramelization, resulting in brown and crispy waffles on the outside. Waffle batter has a higher fat percentage than pancake batter, which contributes to the waffles’ excellent crispy exterior.

The consistency of the batter is another significant difference. Waffle batter with a thicker consistency produces significantly better waffles. The batter for pancakes is frequently thinner and runnier. That consistency is preferred for pancakes because it allows the batter to be held in the pan, but a runny waffle batter can quickly run out of the waffle maker.

Waffles have an excellent crispy surface with a soft center, whereas pancakes are soft and floppy. If you use pancake mix to make waffles, you’ll need to add more fat and sugar.

Can Waffles Be Made From Pancake Mix?

You might be disappointed if you put pancake mix directly into a waffle maker. First and foremost, the thin pancake batter will almost certainly overflow the waffle maker’s edges, so be prepared for a sloppy mess.

This is not to say you should give up. You can use most pancake recipes and mixes to make waffles. Because the dry ingredients for pancakes and waffles are nearly identical, this is the case. The majority of the changes will be different wet ingredient measurements.

What to Put in Pancake Mix for Crispy Waffles?

The only difference in most waffle and pancake recipes is the amount of sugar, oil, eggs, and milk used. As a result, most pancake mixes will include a recipe for both on the back of the package.

It’s one thing to mix some oil into some thickened pancake mix and call it a day. However, if you want the best waffles with golden, crispy edges, you must know what to add and how much. Here are a few changes and additions you can make to your pancake mix to make the best fluffy waffles.

Increase the Fat

You will want to double the amount of fat in your pancake recipe. The best waffles contain more than a tablespoon of fat per waffle.

When it comes to fat, oil always wins out over butter. When comparing the two, oil crisps up the waffles more and gives them a golden crust. Thinner batters produce crispier waffles, which contributes to this. Butter also adds moisture and prevents the formation of a crust. Though butter is more flavorful, you can always add some on top to boost the flavor.

Add Extra Sugar

As previously stated, waffle mix benefits from a little extra sugar. Increasing the amount of sugar in the waffle batter encourages caramelization, resulting in brown and crispy waffles on the outside. To make the waffle batter, double or triple the sugar in the pancake batter recipe. Because many pancake mixes don’t even include sugar, two tablespoons is a good place to start.

Whipped Egg Whites for Extra Fluff

When it comes to sugar, whip the egg white and sugar into stiff peaks if you want your waffles to be fluffy on the inside. This is a common technique for making Belgian waffles.

You should do it this way for three reasons. The sugar not only acts as a stabilizer, slowing the breakdown of the whites but also causes friction, softening them and making them easier to fold later. Furthermore, the air you whip in will be incorporated into the final waffle batter, resulting in a soft fluffiness beneath the crisp.

When using beaten egg whites, fold them into the batter carefully after all the other ingredients have been combined.

Replace Half Of The Milk With Buttermilk

While this isn’t required, it does aid in creating the perfect waffle. When making the batter, you want it to be thin but not so thin that it runs off the waffle maker. 

Milk aids in the preparation of a thinner waffle batter, resulting in lighter and crispier waffles. However, substituting half of the regular milk for buttermilk results in a lighter texture without sacrificing the buttermilk’s rich flavor.

You can make waffles with either all buttermilk or all milk. However, a combination of the two produces the best results.

Last Thoughts

Feel free to use the waffle iron when you want waffles but only have pancake mix on hand. You can make waffles with a pre-packaged pancake mix or any homemade recipe.

Not to mention that many pre-mixed batters include a recipe for waffles and pancakes, which you can use as a quick reference whenever you need it. However, for the ultimate crispy outside and fluffy middle, follow the tips in this article.