Sticky waffles may be a real headache, especially if you end up in a tug-of-war situation. Even if you successfully remove your waffle, a part of the bottom may remain attached to the iron plate’s base. If this happens, you’ll end up with a split waffle as a result.

Here are some steps to protect your waffles from sticking to the waffle machine if they are particularly gluey. You are not required to complete all the steps. Instead, read them to understand where you go wrong while cooking and what you should do. 

Follow the steps completely.

1. Check If Waffle Maker Is Ready To Cook

First, you need to make sure that the temperature of the waffle is high enough. 

Waffles adhere to the machine’s surface when the temperature isn’t high enough. Some waffle makers have a light that indicates when it is ready to take the cold batter for cooking.

Even after the indication, if your batter is still sticking, give one or two minutes more to it before you start cooking again. 

If your waffle maker doesn’t have a display or light for the temperature, a drop of batter on the cooking surface will give you an idea. It’s hot enough to bake waffles if it starts to sizzle and bubble right away. If it still doesn’t work, wait for a couple of minutes and try again.

2. Use Eggs For Thick Batter 

add eggs in waffle batter

A thick batter reduced the chances of it sticking to the waffle maker. This method will help you make beautiful, fluffy, crisp waffles while also preventing them from being destroyed during the cooking process. 

If your batter appears to be overly thin, reduce the amount of milk you use in the recipe. Having a significant amount of egg yolk or oil can also make the batter not stick. 

Some recipes will require an egg yolk, while others will require oil. Both methods (adding eggs and oil) are good and effective; however, if your waffles stick to a waffle maker while cooking, you can try adding more amount of either of them.

Keep in mind that if you use too much oil, your waffles will not crisp up and become fluffy, and if you use too little oil, your waffle maker will cling.

Try out a few different recipes to discover which one suits your appliance the best. If your recipe does not require eggs, you can try adding an egg yolk to aid it.

3. Don’t Use Cooking Sprays For Your Waffle Maker – It Will Damage It!

cooking spray for waffles

Use the pastry brush to apply oil or butter to the plates of your waffle maker. 

Cooking sprays are not recommended, despite their widespread use. Instead, you can use the canola oil to coat the iron’s surface with a paper towel before heating it.

If you use cooking spray frequently, the heat from the waffle iron can cause the spray to get very sticky and stick to the batter. 

To remove any buildup, avoid using cooking sprays to oil the iron surface or wipe it clean with a cloth after every usage. If you do not clean it as instructed, this slimy, sticky residue will combine with your batter, and you’ll unintentionally consume a health threat.

This gluey substance from the use of cooking sprays could potentially be the cause of your waffle sticking to the waffle maker. 

Using butter instead of cooking spray is a terrific alternative. You may either melt the butter in the microwave and then coat the iron plates with it with a brush, or you can grab a solid bar and spread it on the waffle maker.

4. Add Some Fat To Your Batter

You’ll need a fat-rich ingredient to keep waffles from adhering to the waffle machine.


Some people try to stay away from fatty foods. However, unless you prefer eating messy, torn-up waffles, a slab of butter will not harm you if you are a gym addict and are having waffles on your cheat day.

5. Let Waffles Cook Properly

Another factor that can cause the waffle not to cook properly is that you do not give it enough time to cook. When you open the iron (before it is done cooking), it will stick and separate if the batter is undercooked. 

Keep track of how long you’ve been cooking and add a minute or two. This extra time could be all you need to make the ideal waffle. 

Because you are constantly heating the iron for use, your waffles may take a little longer to cook if you use it for large meals.

6. Let It Cool Down Properly

You must let the machine cool down after you are done cooking and want to start cleaning it.

7. Clean Your Waffle Maker 

Do you always clean your waffle maker after each use? If you haven’t already, make it a habit. 

Once you bring it down to the normal temperature, you should clean your waffle maker properly and thoroughly.

Cleaning will not only increase the life of the waffle maker, but it will also prevent the sticky stuff of cooking spray from becoming a permanent resident of the waffle maker.

  1. Once the waffle maker cools down, return to the kitchen after finishing your delicious waffle. 
  2. Now, wipe the plates of your waffle maker with a dry, clean towel.
  3. After each usage, wipe it clean to eliminate any oil leftover from the spray, butter, or batter.

You can check our Ultimate Clean-Up Guide on How to Wash Your Waffle Maker Safely?

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What Are the Causes Of Waffles Sticking To A Waffle Iron?

There are a variety of causes behind the waffles sticking to the grids of the waffle maker. In most cases, the main culprits are the batter and the machine.

Here are some of the reasons behind the Sticky Waffle Machine, including the following:

  1. The iron is too hot.
  2. Cooking spray build-up on the non-stick surface.
  3. The batter contains too much or too little fat.
  4. The batter isn’t thick enough.
  5. Waffles are undercooked.
  6. Oil on the iron surface is either too much or too little.
  7. Not Enough Eggs

Your waffles may stick to the waffle maker if there isn’t enough oil or fatty substances like butter or if there isn’t enough egg yolk.

As a result, you should use the best oil for waffles as recommended by the Chef whose recipe you are following.

Important Points To Consider!

  1. Always ensure that the maker is properly preheated before pouring in the batter. 
  2. Depending on your model, it may take 10–15 minutes to preheat your waffle maker. 
  3. Read the instruction manual that comes with the waffle maker. The batter will not cook correctly in a chilly waffle machine. As a result, the waffle will be mushy and unevenly brown.



So, in order to enjoy a healthy and delicious breakfast meal while keeping your waffle maker clean and tidy, remember to check all the boxes mentioned above, believe us, it will be worth it!

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