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Flip Belgian Waffle Maker | Hamilton Beach

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Many people prefer to use a Waffle Maker, which is Easy to Clean as a messy kitchen is not something they are looking forward to, especially when they are done with their cooking session. Some Waffle Makers are not Easy to Clean because they have complicated features, making their cleaning a bit challenging. 

The truth is, a Waffle Maker must be able to make delicious waffles and should also be Easy to Clean. No matter what brand they should belong to.

Waffle Makers can be used in many recipes. In fact, waffles can be the basis for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. Nowadays, there are many types of Waffle Makers available in the market. However, when choosing one, you need to choose one that is Easy to Clean and maintain and can produce delicious waffles that will surely please your family or guests. 

With these things in mind, we have compiled a list of the Best Easy to Clean Waffle Makers you can go for nowadays in the market.

To help you decide which one would be the best for you, go through the entire list and see what Waffle Maker suits your needs the best. 

Decide on any one of these today!

5 Top-Of-The-Line Easy to Clean Waffle Makers

Flip Belgian Waffle Maker | Hamilton Beach

Non-stick Removable Plates Waffle Maker

Smart Stainless Steel Waffle Maker | Breville

Brushed Steel Waffle Maker

Double Belgian Waffle Maker | Cuisinart

Round Flip Waffle Maker

Stainless Steel Belgian Waffle Maker | ALL-Clad

Removable Plates Waffle Maker

Express Waffle Maker | Dash

PFOA free Waffle Maker

How to Clean Waffle Maker?

When it comes to cleaning a Waffle Maker, there are several steps that you will have to follow to do this effectively. 

  1. You will first have to unplug the machine before you can start cleaning. 
  2. After this, you will have to wipe the outside of the appliance using a damp cloth. 
  3. The next step you should take is to remove any cooking residue from within the machine with a dry kitchen cloth or sponge.
  4. Finally, you can again use a damp cloth to wipe away any remaining particles of food from inside the machine and then dry it off with a dry kitchen towel.

Quick Tips | Choosing the Best Easy to Clean Waffle Maker

It can be tricky to find good Waffle Makers that are Easy to Clean and maintain. But here are some tips for finding the best and avoiding those that aren’t:

  1. The first thing you should look at is whether the Waffle Maker has removable plates. Most do, but some don’t. It’s much easier to clean Waffle Makers with removable plates because you can simply throw them in the dishwasher after cooking. 
    If you’re looking at one that doesn’t have removable plates, try searching for reviews on the product and see if people were able to remove them so that they could put them in a dishwasher (or other appliances for cleaning).
  2. Even among those with removable plates, you should still compare their cleaning ease. Some take longer than others to be cleaned, while some may have better designs that make cleaning easier than others. 

How to clean your Waffle Maker easily after a cooking session? | Tips to use the Best Easy To Clean Methods

1. Use hot soapy water to wipe off any debris on the exterior of your machine.

2. You can use vinegar and baking soda to further clean off any remaining grease and grime from your Waffle Maker. Simply apply a few drops of vinegar on a damp cloth and rub it gently over the surface of your machine. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before scrubbing with baking soda using a sponge.
3. Heat some olive oil in your Waffle Maker once again before wiping it down with a cloth or paper towel to remove any excess oil and vinegar mixture that might be left behind. This will also help get rid of any leftover odour as well as leave your Waffle Maker smelling fresh.

What to Look for When Buying an Easy to Clean Waffle Maker? | Considerations & Buying Guide

The first thing to consider when buying an Easy to Clean Waffle Maker is the material of the plates

If they are non-stick, you can use a soft sponge or cloth to wipe them down. If they are stainless steel, you may need to purchase a special cleaning product to remove any residue.

Shiny surfaces will tend to get greasy quickly. When buying an Easy to Clean Waffle Maker, look for one with a matte finish so that food doesn’t stick, causing it to be harder to clean.

The number of waffles that it can make at once is another factor in looking for an Easy to Clean Waffle Maker. The more waffles that the unit can produce at one time, the less likely you will have to run the machine multiple times throughout the day and night. 

Some Waffle Makers will only make one or two waffles at a time, which means that you might end up making several batches throughout the day. A big advantage of an Easy to Clean Waffle Maker is setting it and forgetting it until dinnertime!

Another reason for purchasing an Easy to Clean Waffle Maker is the ease of use. You want something straightforward, without too many bells. When buying an Easy to Clean Waffle Maker, there are many factors to consider. 

The most important factors are size, durability, and features.

  1. Size: The size of the Waffle Maker will have a big impact on how quickly it can be cleaned. If there are non-stick coatings on the plates, then you should avoid models that are too large as this could make it hard for you to clean them properly. 
  2. Storage: You also need to figure out how much space such a device will take up in your kitchen. The best thing would be to look at dimensions online before heading out to buy an appliance, so you know what model will fit your kitchen best.
  3. Tray: Some Waffle Makers come with removable trays, while others do not. If you have a machine that comes with one, then simply remove the tray, pop it in the dish, and let it wash.
  4. Material: The material of the plates matters as well. Look for plates that are non-stick and easy to wipe clean. Non-stick plates will also make it easier for you to remove your food without using a lot of pressure or force.
  5. Cord Storage: Waffle Makers with long cords tend to be problematic because they tangle easily and cause accidents. Look for models with cord storage so that they are easy to store when not in use. The more compact the unit is, the easier it will be for you to store them in cabinets.

Which Waffle Maker is Easiest to Clean?

You’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to waffle makers. There are tons of different brands, each with its bells and whistles. But when it comes to the waffle maker, you’ll want to use every day, which one will be easiest to clean?

After reviewing dozens of waffle makers, we’ve found that the Cuisinart Double Belgian Waffle Maker is the best waffle maker for easy cleaning. It’s easy to use and comes with a non-stick surface that makes cleaning up a breeze.

How to Clean a Waffle Maker Before First Use?

You are going to love your waffle maker! Here’s how to clean it before your first use.

  1. Take the waffle maker out of the box and the included booklet (it contains a few recipes and more information on how to get started).
  2. Wash all non-electric parts of the waffle maker in warm soapy water. Then rinse well and dry thoroughly with a lint-free cloth.
  3. Wipe down the outside of the waffle maker with a damp sponge or cloth.
  4. Now you’re ready for your first batch of delicious, homemade waffles!

1. Flip Belgian Waffle Maker | Hamilton Beach

Flip Belgian Waffle Maker Hamilton Beach | Non-stick Removable Plates Waffle Maker

This Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker model is a mid-priced, single Waffle Maker that uses a flip design to make it easier to remove and cook your waffles. It also comes with a one-year warranty.


  • The flip design lets you easily remove the waffle without having to worry about it sticking to the machine or your countertop.
  •  A digital timer counts down the time remaining and beeps when your waffle is ready. 


  • It is a bit handy

The Hamilton Beach 26030 Flip Belgian Waffle Maker is our favourite for its ease of use and reliability. 

The removable plates are Easy to Clean, even after years of usage. Unlike the other makers, it has only one switch, making it easy to use. It always produces consistently crisp, evenly browned waffles no matter how many times you use them.

The flip design lets you easily remove the waffle without having to worry about it sticking to the machine or your countertop. It’s a convenient feature that we miss when making Belgian waffles using other machines. 

A digital timer counts down the time remaining and beeps when your waffle is ready. 


The Hamilton Beach 26030 Flip Belgian Waffle Maker produces two sizes of Belgian-style waffles. 4 inches square for normal-size appetites and 7 inches round for larger appetites. 
The machine also comes with a drip tray to catch excess batter and an adjustable thermostat for temperature control.

The Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker is a great choice for anyone who wants a waffler that flips. It’s not the most affordable flip Waffle Maker, but it has all the features that you would expect from one of the Best Flip Waffle Makers on the market. 

Furthermore, this Hamilton Beach Flip Waffle Maker is durable as well. Its metal construction means that it won’t break or chip when dropped or bumped around as cheaper plastic models might do. This is important because people have a habit of dropping things (especially when they are distracted), so one must know that this model can take a bit of rough treatment here and there without breaking down.

If you’re looking for a basic and affordable Belgian Waffle Maker, then this Hamilton Beach model is your best bet. This Waffle Maker is great for occasional use, but it doesn’t have a lot of extra features that would benefit heavy users, for instance, commercial purposes.

If you love waffles, then it’s time to invest in a great Waffle Maker that will last you for years. Your breakfast will be elevated to a new level of deliciousness with this Hamilton Beach flip Waffle Maker. 

Also, the setup is easy, and the cleanup is even easier. 

Why is a Flip Waffle Maker better?

For various reasons, a flip waffle maker is better than a regular old waffle iron.

Firstly, it makes more uniform waffles. If you’ve ever had to scrape your waffle iron to release your breakfast, you know the struggle of having a waffle that’s cooked unevenly. The problem is that some parts of the waffle don’t get exposed to heat long enough to cook. The flip in a flip waffle maker means that each side gets the right amount of time on the heat—perfectly crispy every time.

Secondly, it’s easier to clean. Since there’s no grating in a flip waffle maker, there are fewer places for food scraps and batter to get stuck. Just wipe it down, and you’re ready for next time!

Finally, you can set it and forget it. You don’t have to hover over your flip waffle maker, waiting for just the right moment before flipping your breakfast. When the flip signal goes off, the machine works for you!


Easy Storage: 

Hamilton Beach 26030 Belgian Waffle Maker will not take up much space in your kitchen. It is small, lightweight, and stylish. Just flip it open, and you are ready to make delicious waffles. This appliance is so easy to use. You just have to spray non-stick cooking spray in it, pour the batter, close it, and wait for a few minutes until the waffle turns golden brown. 

The best thing about this product is that your waffles will turn out evenly browned and crispy every time.

Indicator Lights: 

The appliance’s indicator light allows you to monitor the appliance’s operation at all times. This will greatly benefit those who like their waffles well done or not cooked enough. When the light goes off, you know that your waffles are ready to eat!

Rotating Feature: 

Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker has a 180-degree rotating hinge that gives you access to both sides of the maker. This feature will allow you to prepare two perfect waffles at a time! 

Lid Locks: 

The lid locks in place on both sides of the appliance, making it Easy to Clean and maintain.

Non-Stick Plates: 

Besides, this product has non-stick plates, which will reduce your cleaning efforts.

2. Smart Waffle Maker | Breville

Smart Waffle Maker Breville | Brushed Steel Waffle Maker

The Breville BWM604BSS Smart Waffle Maker is a great kitchen appliance. It makes the best-tasting waffles! They always come out crispy on the outside but very light and fluffy on the inside. You can make up to four waffles at once, which is nice if you have a big family or just need more than one for yourself!


  • This machine has four separate compartments, so you can make up to four waffles at once, which means you can serve them fast and stay on track with your meal plan. 
  • This machine is Easy to Clean up because of its non-stick plates. You don’t have to worry about getting the batter.


  • Temperature settings could be better

The Breville BWM604BSS Smart Waffle Maker is a very stylish, smart, and feature-rich Waffle Maker. 

It has been designed to have high power, easy-to-use features, and a reasonable price range. What’s even better is that it comes with many different features that are meant to help you make delicious waffles with ease, even if you are in the market for making waffles on a commercial scale.

You will find this Waffle Maker very beneficial because of its versatility and the temperature control settings that come along with it. There are also many other great things that this Waffle Maker can do for you, which we will go over in this review.

Can I Clean my Waffle Maker with Vinegar?

Yes, you can clean your waffle maker with vinegar. The acidity of white distilled vinegar helps break down any grease and grime on the surface of your waffle maker, making it easier to remove. White vinegar is also a natural disinfectant and will help ensure that any lingering germs are killed off.

You can use white distilled vinegar in several cleaning methods for your waffle maker:

  • Use a paper towel to wipe the inside of the waffle maker down with a white distilled vinegar diluted with equal parts water.
  • Spray some straight white distilled vinegar on a cloth, and use it to scrub away any caked-on food particles.
  • Clean the plates of your waffle maker by filling them with hot water, adding 4 tablespoons of white vinegar, and letting them sit overnight. This method is best for deep cleaning your waffle maker.


Size of Waffles: 

One of the best features of this Waffle Maker is that it can make large waffles at one time. The capability to cook 4 Belgium waffles at once is ideal for families and those who like to eat large quantities at once. 

Non-Stick Plates: 

The non-stick plates on the inside of the machine allow your food to slide right off of them after cooking. This helps you save time and makes cleaning up afterwards much easier.

Automatic Control: 

The Breville Smart Waffle Maker is the ultimate Waffle Maker that ensures complete control of your waffle. The waffles are perfectly browned, crispy and delicious every time you make them. There are several Waffle Makers in the market today, but few of them can make truly great waffles.

All-Rounder Waffle Maker: 

Some cannot make any other types of breakfast foods, which means you have to settle for just waffles when using them. But that is not the case with the Breville BWM604BSS Smart Waffle Maker. You can prepare a lot more meals with this great appliance.

Adjustable Temperature Settings: 

The best part about this machine is its smart technology, which automatically adjusts temperature settings and cooking times according to your preferences. This special feature makes it possible for you to prepare whatever type of meal you want and enjoy eating it at any time of the day.

With this appliance, you can prepare sandwiches with ease. 

Automatic Timer: 

The Waffle Maker is equipped with a thermostat that allows you to control the temperature. It also has a timer that makes it easy for you to set the time you want your waffles to be ready so that they are perfect every time. 

Browning Control: 

It also gives you complete control over the browning of your waffles. The Breville BWM604BSS Smart Waffle Maker is made with non-stick plates, making it easier for people to clean after use.

3. Double Belgian Waffle Maker | Cuisinart

Double Belgian Waffle Maker Cuisinart | Round Flip Waffle Maker

Cuisinart has developed this Double Belgian Stainless Steel Waffle Maker to meet the needs of those who desire a quality product that allows for maximum customization when it comes to the kind of waffle they want. 

This machine makes two 6 1/2 inch by 4 1/2 inch square-shaped Belgian style waffles at one time.


  • The Cuisinart Waffle Maker has two chrome-plated, non-stick cooking plates that are 7 inches in diameter.
  • The plates are removable and Easy to Clean. You can use your choice of pancake mixes or batter mixes that can be bought at the grocery store. 
  • You can even make your own mix if you want to experiment with different flavours and recipes. Cuisinart Waffle Maker will not break down at any cost.


  • Temperature settings could be made better.

The Cuisinart Double Belgian Waffle Maker is not just for making waffles; you can also use it to make French toast or even to warm up frozen foods like pancakes or even cheese sandwiches! 

The Cuisinart Waffle Maker could easily be a family heirloom as it is top-quality material and should last forever. It is worth every penny!

Waffles are a delicious breakfast food that everyone can enjoy, even when it comes to the process of making them. While many people like to utilize their waffle iron to make waffles and then heat up the waffles in the toaster or on a stovetop, some prefer to utilize a Waffle Maker instead.

With this in mind, Cuisinart has developed the Cuisinart Double Belgian Stainless Steel Waffle Maker to meet the needs of those who desire a quality product that allows for maximum customization when it comes to the kind of waffle that they want. 

This machine makes two 6 1/2 inch by 4 1/2 inch square-shaped Belgian style waffles at one time, and it has a non-stick surface that is Easy to Clean after use. This machine makes whipping up delicious waffles with your own unique twist, making it easy and convenient for the user.

In addition, this product features indicator lights that let you know when it is preheated and when it is ready to be used, as well as its own temperature control base that allows you to customize your cooking experience. When you use this product, you will be able to pour in all of your favourite ingredients onto the griddle and then close it up.

Does Cleaning the Waffle Iron with Baking Soda work?

Yes! Nothing works better than baking soda when cleaning a waffle iron.

Here’s how you do it: first, take a dampened paper towel, pour some baking soda on top of it, and rub the paste onto your waffle iron’s surface. Let the paste sit for a few minutes, then scrub again with another damp paper towel. Finally, take a dry paper towel and wipe off any remaining residue. That’s it!

You can also use vinegar and lemon juice—be sure to rinse thoroughly with water afterward to ensure no chemical residue will stick around to affect your next batch of waffles.

Baking soda is a perfect abrasive that will help scour the grids clean but keep it gentle so that you do not damage the waffle maker’s non-stick surface. 



Gives you the freedom to make your waffles any size you want.

Non-Stick Grids: 

Grids are non-stick, dishwasher safe, and removable for fast cleanup.

Automatic Timer: 

A built-in timer ensures even browning on both sides.

Cool Handles: 

Cool-touch handles keep hands away from heat while cooking.

Drip Tray: 

The drip tray collects excess batter for easy cleanup.

4. Stainless Steel Belgian Waffle Maker | ALL-Clad

Stainless Steel Belgian Waffle Maker ALL-Clad | Removable Plates Waffle Maker

The ALL-Clad 99010GT Waffle Maker has a lot of positive aspects that are worth mentioning. It can make delicious two-inch-thick waffles in just minutes.


  • Teflon Nonstick Coating
  • Removable Crumb Tray
  • Steel Handles with Cool Touch Exterior


  • It is a bit pricey 

The product has a non-stick cooking surface which allows for fast and easy release of waffles. It comes with a drip tray that is Easy to Clean, a waffle cone maker, and a temperature gauge for easier control of cooking time.

The ALL-Clad 99010GT Waffle Maker has a lot of positive aspects that are worth mentioning. It can make delicious two-inch-thick waffles in just minutes. It comes with a drip tray that makes cleaning very easy, so you do not waste time or effort scrubbing it down after use. 

It also features an indicator light which makes it easier to know when your waffles are ready and waiting for you to take them out of the Waffle Maker. 

Depending on how hot you would like your waffles cooked, the heating element can be adjusted according to your preference and can be turned up or down accordingly.

ALL-Clad is well known for its high-quality cookware, and the ALL-Clad 99010GT Stainless Steel Waffle Maker is one of their bestsellers in the Waffle Makers department, so far. 

The ALL-Clad Waffle Maker is a smart, sturdy, versatile, and stylish Waffle Maker that is perfect for cooking waffles for your family and guests on a larger scale. 

The unit’s three non-stick grids are no-stick because they are infused with the same ceramic material used in the professional-grade kitchen cookware. This makes it easier to release your waffles and makes it Easy to Clean the grids after use. 

The ALL-Clad 99010GT’s temperature control is accurate and effective; it has a range of 200 °F to 500°F, enabling you to cook a range of different recipes in this appliance, including muffins, hash browns, pancakes and so much more! 

Thanks to its swivel function, the unit can be used on both countertops and tabletops. 

The lid of this machine has a built-in drip catcher, which allows for easy cleanup. The Waffle Maker also has variable browning control, allowing you to achieve a wide range of golden-brown results easily.

How Do You Clean a Waffle Iron Without Removable Plates? 

A waffle iron is a great way to make a delicious, crispy breakfast treat. There are two kinds of waffle irons with removable plates and those without. So your waffle iron doesn’t have removable plates? That’s okay. It isn’t impossible to clean it without the ability to remove the plates.

Here are a few tips:

  1. You can try brushing the plates with a small, stiff brush (like an old toothbrush) and some dish soap and water.
  2. You can also try pouring some dish soap onto a paper towel or cloth and then scrubbing the plates with that.
  3. If all else fails, you can try cleaning your waffle iron while it is still plugged in and warm—be careful not to burn yourself!

What is the Best Waffle Iron Cleaning Brush?

Carlisle 4011400 Wide Waffle Iron Brush is the best brush for cleaning your waffle iron because it is soft and strong. It can get into all of those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies and keep your waffle iron in tip-top shape. It’s also made from sustainable materials, which means you can feel good about yourself when you use it.

This brush is easy to use and will change your life. You will become obsessed with your waffle iron and want to clean it all the time.


Teflon Nonstick Coating:

This ALL-Clad Waffle Maker has a non-stick surface on the inside, which allows for easy removal of your waffles after they’re finished cooking. This prevents sticking and makes cleanup much easier. 

Indicator Lights: 

It also comes with an indicator light that tells you when to add ingredients and when to close the lid and start cooking your waffles.

Removable Crumb Tray:

The crumb tray on this ALL-Clad Waffle Maker has been designed to make cleaning up after use as easy as possible. It can be removed and cleaned easily, preventing crumbs from falling onto your countertop while you’re trying to cook breakfast or brunch.

Steel Handles with Cool Touch Exterior:

The handles on this ALL-Clad Waffle Maker have been designed to ensure that you don’t burn yourself while you’re cooking with it. While cooking, the handle will stay cool for better convenience and safety in the kitchen. Overall, this is a high-quality Waffle Maker. 

Even Cooking: 

It cooks evenly and has no hot spots that cause some areas of the waffle to burn while others stay undercooked. The unit comes apart easily for cleaning, although there was some minor discoloration on the plates after their first use.

5. Express Waffle Maker | Dash

Express Waffle Maker Dash | PFOA free Waffle Maker

Dash Express 8″ Waffle Maker is a small, Budget-Friendly Waffle Maker that is great for kids and small families. This is a classic Waffle Maker with two non-stick waffle plates that make perfect waffles every time. The Dash Express also includes a timer, so you can determine how long to cook the waffles for.


  • Non-stick surface
  • Indicator lights
  • Compact design
  • Indicator lights


  • Temperature settings could be improved

The Dash Express has an 8-inch diameter and makes four classic-sized square-shaped Belgian-style waffles at once. The Dash Express is available in black, red, aqua, or red heart colours.

The Dash Express 8″ Waffle Maker is easy to use and makes great waffles every time. It is very affordable and well worth the price the company is charging for it.

Further, the Waffle Maker comes with a one-year warranty covering manufacturers’ defects or damages during transit or storage.

It’s not just for waffles, though. It can also be used to make pastries, pancakes, crêpes, and even tortillas!

This machine will allow you to make your favourite recipe for waffles, or you could even mix things up a bit and come up with your own special recipe. The possibilities are endless! You can even make your own ice cream if you want to get creative! 

Directions for Use!

After using the Dash Express Waffle Maker, you will have to clean it up before putting it away. You may also want to wipe down your counter or table so that it’s clean and ready for the next time you need to use it. 

The cleaning process is pretty straightforward. 

First, you should unplug the Waffle Maker once you’ve finished cooking your waffles. Unplugging the appliance will prevent injury from potential electrical shock.

Next, spray down your appliance with some sort of non-stick cooking spray. This will make the cleaning process easier and less messy because there’s less likelihood that you’ll wind up with any residue from the cooking oil getting onto other surfaces in your kitchen.

You might also want to consider using a mild detergent when cleaning your Waffle Maker. A bit of soap mixed with warm water should do fine in getting rid of any sticky bits that might be left on the Waffle Maker after you.

What Can You Spray on a Waffle Maker?

You can spray a waffle maker with the following:

  1. A mixture of 1 part water to 3 parts white vinegar.
  2. Water mixed with any type of dish soap you have on hand.
  3. A mixture of equal parts water and alcohol.
  4. Pam nonstick spray or any other brand of nonstick cooking spray.

Should You Oil a Nonstick Waffle Iron? 

Many people believe that oiling a nonstick pan or waffle iron is the best way to care for it, but there are some good reasons not to do so. Waffle irons with a nonstick coating can be cared for much more simply and effectively by wiping them with a damp cloth after cooking. This will keep the iron from rusting and prevent food from sticking to its surface.

Before making waffles in a nonstick waffle iron, consider applying a small amount of cooking spray to the surface of your iron if you’re worried about your food sticking. This will make it easier to remove the cooked waffles without damaging the nonstick coating on your iron. If you don’t have cooking spray, you can also use butter or lard, but these may leave behind residue that can affect the taste of your waffles as well as their appearance.

How To Clean a Mini Waffle Maker?

You can clean your mini waffle maker after making each batch of waffles by doing the following:

  1. Wait for the waffle maker to cool down a bit.
  2. Using a plastic spatula or a wooden spoon, push any excess waffle mix out of the waffle maker. Be careful not to scratch it.
  3. Take a damp cloth and wipe down the inside and outside of the appliance, removing any grease or residual mix that may be leftover.
  4. If you have ever dropped some batter on your counter while making the waffles, use a sponge and some dish soap to get that off your kitchen counter as well.



This is one of the cheapest Waffle Makers you’ll find. Yet despite its low price point, it’s loaded with features. 

Non-Stick Plates: 

The non-stick surface means you won’t have to deal with the hassle of cleaning up batter after each use; just wipe down the outside when you’re done and enjoy your waffles without all the usual mess. 

Indicator Lights: 

It also has indicator lights that tell you when the unit is plugged in and when the cooking process is finished. This ensures that your waffles will always come out perfectly.

Easy to Use Temperature Settings: 

The temperature settings are also easy to use and understand. 


Flip Belgian Waffle Maker | Hamilton Beach

Smart Stainless Steel Waffle Maker | Breville

Double Belgian Waffle Maker | Cuisinart